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7 Tips to Retaining Healthy Hair during the Colder Months

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As the winter draw closer the last thing we think about is our hair.  We invest in the latest shoes, Jackets, hats and scarf trends, but we tend not to think about how winter weather affects our hair.  With all the hard work that we have done to maintain and keep beautiful strands we cannot afford to slack now.  With the proper guidance and care and using Mello Hair products winter damage will be a thing of the past.

Cold can have a huge effect on our hair.  Cold air can increase static in hair as well as make hair more brittle, dry and fragile.  Ensure to invest in a thick, rich, moisturizing conditioner.  Remember the least amount of chemical in your hair care products the better it is for your hair.  Luckily for you Mello Hair products are 100% natural. Conditioner and Shampoos coming soon.

Tips for Beautiful Winter Hair:

1. As mentioned in the previous Blog MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! MOISTURE! It is extremely important in the winter as the constant mix of cold and hot air will wreak havoc on those curly strands. See previous post “Good Ole Moisture” on how to effectively moisturize for healthy beautiful hair. 

2. Try a protective style: Braids, Weave, Wigs, crochet Braid, Buns and Twist are all your friend this winter. Try to wear protective style for as long as possible because it will provide less stress on the hair and help to protect it from the damaging winter effect. Ensure you are taking care of your hair underneath whatever protective style you choose, meaning keeping that scalp clean and moisturized.

3. Stay away from heating tools that will strip moisture and add damage. If you must use heat ensure you are using a good heat protector and keeping your ends well moisturized and sealed.

4. Try to get a humidifier to keep the moisture levels up at home. It helps to protect hair. If you can’t do this, a bowl of water in the room at night will do.

5. Keep your head warm and wear a hat most winter hats are made out of wool or other material that will dry out the hair. Try wearing your silk/satin bonnet or scarf under your hat to protect the hair

6. Watch the scrag as well, the scarf tends to rubs against the back of your hair thereby drying the hair at your nape and causing damages. Try using a silk scarf.

7. Try not to leave the house with wet hair when the temperature below freezing, because the hair can freeze and break easily.

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