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 The year 2011 was a remarkable year for both our founder and the present company. That year, our founder- Christiana Willis chose to return to her natural hair, and this decision made her realize the state of her hair at that time. Her hair was dry, hard to comb and itchy. This dryness and itchy feeling were also noticed with her scalp.

Christiana Willis made several efforts using the traditional means, to put an end to this unwelcome state of hair, but it seems all her effort were unproductive. It was at this point that she delved into using natural and organic ingredients for hair treatment.

Notwithstanding, since it became evident to her that some of the publicized natural products had ingredients that were questionable, she decided to embark on a thorough research on the most favourable natural ingredients for healthier natural hair. This journey of the investigation proved vital, as it became evident in her improved hair condition.

The need to extend this new found knowledge and valuable hair product, made her share her secret hair product to family and friends who responded positively about the effectiveness of the product. So at this point, it became evident that she could serve more people with this useful product by establishing a business in this line.

Christiana Willis is now able to extend her business service to many, enabling her to release innovative products that are widely accepted, with positive feedback from clients  without forgetting her love for continuous research.