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Good Old Moisture - Tips to Effectively Moisturize your hair.

good old moisuture.mellohair

If you are like me, am sure you have experienced dry, brittle and damage hair.  Hair that you’re sure can damage your fingers.  It’s quite annoying and you’re probably fed up and do not know what to do. But this problem can be fixed quite easily once you understand the importance of moisture.   Moisture will take years off your life am sure. Ok maybe not, but it will definitely make your life a lot easier and leave you with beautiful, silky, bouncy hair. 

The importance of water

Firstly understand that the average adult human body is 50-65% water, therefore water is an essential component in keeping our body healthy and nourished.  What does this have to do with hair, well  drinking the recommended amount of water for your weight will ensure enough water is absorb into the scalp. 

How does it work?

Water is pushed up to the top layer of skin (the epidermis) from where it evaporates. If you are not drinking enough water, your body will send the water that you do consume to your vital organs first therefore not enough water remaining to moisture the scalp. So before you even think about buying moisturizing product ensure that you are moisturizing from within.

Environmental Factors

While drinking enough water will ensure that an adequate amount is sent to your scalp, it is often not enough, you also need to combat damaging environmental effects.  Cold weather, heat, clothes and improper handling can all have detrimental effects on our hair, but long healthy, shiny hair is achievable even under the most extreme condition by ensuring that it is properly moisturized.

Why you should add moisture to you hair?

Add moisture to your hair daily. Ensure to incorporate 100 percent natural product and oils as this will ensure harmful chemicals are not entering your body.  Products that contain mineral oil and petroleum oil should be avoided at all cost, they do not moisturize.

Dry hair tends to snap easily even when handled with care so even when putting your hair in a protective style ensure to moisturize first. Moisture alone will not grow your hair  but it will assist in mitigating damage to hair during styling, in turn this will ensure hair growth is retained because there will be less damage to the strands.


1) Divide hair into sections- , divide your hair into four or more sections and apply generous amount of product to each of the sections.

2) Moisturize before sealing – Always apply the moisturizer to the hair before applying the oil over it to lock in the moisture.  Do not mix the product together as you need products to absorbs properly

3)  Applying the product to the ends/tips of your hair because it’s the oldest and most fragile area of the hair and tend to lose moisture and get dry quickly. 

4) Do not over apply products as you don’t want a weighed down greasy look.

5) Use your hands to smooth or press the product into your hair in a downward motion.  

6.) When buying hair moisturizers look to see that the first ingredient is water (aqua). Make sure that the moisturizer does not contain any alcohol, mineral or petroleum oil.

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