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Welcome to Mello Hair - Coils and Curls Revivalist

Welcome to Mello Hair!

First off, I would like to introduce myself, I am Christiana Willis, the founder of Mello Hair Solution, a natural hair care brand dedicated to helping clients LOVE their naturally curl, kinky, coily hair. 

Even though this brand was created for individuals with curly hair texture, it can be used by other hair textures as well.

Why I Started Mello Hair?

After deciding to go back to my natural hair, I had some issues. My hair was dry, dull, brittle, tangles easily, dry scalp and hard to comb. No matter the amount of products I tried my hair was still dried. I figured I was using the wrong brand of product. I then decided that I was only going to use brands that claim to be natural. Upon doing some research and learning about natural ingredients I noticed that a lot of the brands that claimed to be natural products contained some questionable ingredients. This was the point where I decided I wanted to make my own products using natural ingredients and continued to do more research to enhance my knowledge about taking care of kinky, coil and curly hair. After I started to use my own products, I noticed changes in my hair, it was becoming softer and more easily managed and as s result helped me to fall back in love with my natural hair.  

Purpose of the Blog.

One of the issues I found was that the brands that I was using didn’t provide additional information on taking care of your hair and why you should using a curtaining product. One can argue that that is not their job.

My aim for this blog is to provide my clients with information to enhance their knowledge taking care of their hair and to help them make the best decision about the type of products they buy for their hair, even if it is not my brand.

I will also provide information other topics such as healthy eating and exercising as our hair is also a reflection of not only what we put on it, but also what we put into our bodies.

I look forward to taking this hair journey with you.

Stay bless until next time,

Christiana Willis 

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